Focused on the personal goals & life areas most important to YOU!

Elaine integrates a multitude of healing modalities & self-empowerment tools, including:

  1. Law of Attraction (manifesting & optimizing your point of attraction)
  2. Inquiry/The Work by Byron Katie (transforming limiting beliefs)
  3. Inner Visioning (creating & manifesting what you want)
  4. Re-framing (shifting perspective & transforming life experiences)
  5. Tapping/EFT (neutralizing emotional triggers)
  6. Goal Setting & Releasing on Goals (releasing fear & resistance)
  7. Energy Healing (releasing negative emotions, beliefs, images, etc.)
  8. Parts Work (healing inner resistance to desired change)
  9. Guided Meditations (reducing stress & accessing inner wisdom)
  10. Breathwork (embodying peace & living in the present moment)
  11. Focused Journaling (expressing & deeper self-reflection)

All coaching programs are customized to meet your needs.

NOTE:  Sessions can be done by phone, virtually or in person.

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